Important Update for the Innerworld Community: Adjustments to Our Pricing Structure

At Innerworld, we're deeply committed to fostering a community built on empathy, respect, and understanding. It's this foundation that has guided us as we've grown, ensuring that our platform remains a sanctuary for those seeking support in their mental health journey. Every single one of you is part of that community.

Today, we're sharing some changes to our pricing structure that will only impact new subscribers as of April 17th. These changes reflect our ongoing commitment to sustainability and our mission to reach and support even more people worldwide.

Why the Change?

To continue offering the high-quality support and resources that our community relies on, we need to ensure that Innerworld is financially sustainable. As of now, it is not financially sustainable. We’re fortunate to have received funding from investors and a grant from NIH. However, our costs far exceed our investments and a large portion of our NIH grant goes to the researchers who are running our randomized control trial at a university.

This means having more resources coming in than going out. Up to now, we've been operating at a deficit, but these changes are a step towards making sure Innerworld can support millions of people for years to come.

What This Means for You

First and foremost, it's important to know that if you're a current paying user, these changes will not affect your subscription rate. We value the trust and support you've placed in us, and we're committed to ensuring you continue to enjoy Innerworld without any increase in your current rates.

Starting April 17th, new pricing will apply only to users who subscribe after this date. This adjustment is crucial for us to continue providing and improving the unique support Innerworld offers.

The New Pricing Structure

We've designed a new, tiered subscription model to better meet the diverse needs of our community:

  • Free Tier: For those looking to explore Innerworld, offering access to The Commons and all social events.
  • Membership: Access to all guide-led mental health events, with the rate for new subscribers set at $10/week (billed monthly at $40). Existing Premium members (anyone paying prior to April 17th) will continue at their current rate.
  • Membership Plus: Includes everything in the Premium tier plus a weekly 80 minute skills group session with a licensed therapist, maxed at 8 participants, for new subscribers at $30/week (billed monthly at $120). Existing Innercircle members (anyone paying prior to April 17th) will continue at their current promotional rate.

These prices are designed to still be significantly more affordable than existing mental health resources, especially ones that involve therapists.

Lock in Your Rate

If you've been considering upgrading to a Premium or Innercircle subscription, now is the time. Subscribe before April 17th to permanently lock in the current lower rate. This is also a perfect opportunity for current free users to upgrade and enjoy the full range of Innerworld’s offerings at today's prices.

By subscribing to Premium today you will be automatically upgraded to the new Membership tier on April 17th while locking in the current price of Premium. Purchase premium here.

By subscribing to Innercircle today you will be automatically upgraded to the new Membership Plus tier on April 17th while locking in the current discounted Innercircle price. Purchase Innercircle here.

The Innerworld Scholarship Fund

We understand that these changes may be challenging for some members of our community. That's why we're introducing the Innerworld Scholarship Fund for Premium subscriptions (not applicable to Membership Plus or Innercircle tiers). This fund is designed to ensure that financial barriers don't prevent anyone from accessing the support they need.

To learn more about it please reach out to the helpdesk.

Your Voice Matters

As always, the community is the foundation of Innerworld and we’ll continue to collect feedback through additional town halls. Your thoughts, feelings, and questions about these updates are vital to us. We're here to listen and to incorporate your input as we move forward with these changes.

Looking Ahead

We want to thank you for your understanding, your support, and your commitment to Innerworld. These changes are a step towards ensuring we can change millions of lives and build a space that is safe, supportive, and sustainable space for all. Let's continue to support each other and grow together. For any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out via our helpdesk. Here’s to the next chapter of Innerworld and a sustainable future of accessible mental health!