Below is a list of all mental health tools used in Innerworld. All of these tools are based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and they're here for you to use, reference, and revisit as often as you'd like. You can print the PDF versions and use them as you follow along during Innerworld events, or you can reference the PDF version and a complete blog post about each tool at your leisure.

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Cognitive Behavioral Model
Reframe Questions

Cognitive Behavioral Model (Cognitive Behavioral Immersion™ Wheel)

The Cognitive Behavioral Model is a representation of how our thoughts, behaviors and physiology affect our feelings. With this in mind, we can learn how to change our thoughts, behaviors, and physiology to feel better. Read More

Reframe Questions Tool

The Reframe Questions Tool is helpful for analyzing our negative automatic thoughts and determining what is true, what we are exaggerating, and what steps we should take when faced with powerful thoughts. Read More