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NOTE: Though we teach and use the principles of CBT, Innerworld is not a form of therapy. Our guides are certified and vetted through our training program, but they are not licensed therapists or psychiatrists. Our goal is to offer help and guidance for mental health challenges through a virtual, supportive community.

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What is Innerworld?

Innerworld is a safe, virtual world and welcoming community. Join us and get unlimited access to peer-based help learning life-changing mental health tools. We’re free to join, and you can visit Innerworld in VR, on desktop computers, or any mobile device. Download the app and create an account to get started!

Innerworld members have unlimited access to over 200 events each week. Our events are group meetings led by certified guides. Some are on serious topics like Anxiety, Depression, Recovery, etc., some are more informal and social-focused, and some help you relax with mindfulness or meditation.

As a member, you'll interact anonymously with folks from all walks of life in an environment where everyone is working to improve their mental health and live their best life.

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All Innerworld events are geared toward a specific topic, ranging from depression, anxiety, and recovery to game nights, casual hangs, and mindfulness.




I love the people here, and I like how much empathy and compassion there is, and how when people talk in avatar form we don't actually see what they look like, there's none of the visual biases that exist in the outer world...there's just that person inside…and we're all communicating on this level that's so deep and real and I love it."

— Nithmund, Innerworld Member for 18 months

Going to the meetings has allowed me to go from not being able to leave my house for four years to within three months going to concerts. It's just the best experience I've ever had being able to be the real me all the time. I don't have to hide, I don't have to feel fake, I don't have to worry about anything…"

— MoonGoddess66, Innerworld Member for 20 months

This space is truly amazing…people don't get together with strangers the way they used to, so this environment feels really safe and I would encourage anyone, no matter if you think you don't have any issues, you just want to talk to somebody, or you just want to hear someone else's story that will be inspiring, this is the place..."

— evaaaahh, Innerworld Member for 6 months

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Join 4-time Grammy-nominated artist Jewel in Innerworld and learn her methods for mental wellness.

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