How Innercircle Works:

As an Innercircle member, you will join a group of other Innercirclers with similar interests and challenges. Together, you'll have meetings, learn tools, and work together to navigate your path to healing.

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Meet Weekly for 80-Minute Sessions

Live sessions will take place in the Innerworld App. Join via desktop, iOS, Android, or Meta Quest VR headset. Each session will be with the same therapist and group each week so you can build stronger relationships and receive deeper help. Feel free to share only when you're comfortable. Just listening is always an acceptable option.

Stay Connected to the Broader Community

Your Innercircle Subscription will get you access to all of Innerworld, including:

• 200+ Virtual Events per week

• 24/7 mental health Guardians

• Fun in-app features, like journaling, games, and broomstick flying



reported improvement on scientifically validated clinical measures

Available wherever you are

Innerworld is on mobile devices, tablets, and Meta Quest VR headsets.

Keep comfort in community

Feel at home with people who get you in a stigma-free space.

Save 70% compared to traditional therapy

Therapy can cost $100-$200 per session. You can talk to a therapist in Innerworld for just $30 a session.

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Innerworld Membership Includes:

200+ Weekly Events

Attend events ranging in topics from ADHD, anxiety, depression, addiction recovery, stress and more.

Developed by Therapists

We've conducted over five years of research and published two scientific articles on the efficacy of our app and tools.

Troll-Free Environment

Our five point safety system ensures a safe, non-toxic community.

24/7 Access to Guardians

Trained Guardians and Guides are available at all times to make you feel at ease.

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Special Group Events

Find your community with weekly events for veterans, parents, seniors and more.

Start Feeling Better Today

Your Innerworld Membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to mental health events running 24/7

  • Proven, practical tools that you can use in your everyday life. 

  • A welcoming community facilitated by trained Guides and Guardians and a chat feature to stay connected.

  • A personal in-app journal and in-app games
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NOTE: Though we teach and use the principles of CBT, Innerworld is not a form of therapy. Our guides are certified and vetted through our training program, but they are not licensed therapists or psychiatrists. Our goal is to offer help and guidance for mental health challenges through a virtual, supportive community.

Begin your mental health journey in Innerworld with unlimited access to life-changing tools, events, and community. 

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How Innerworld Works

You're not alone anymore.

Experience the warmth of community and attend unlimited Guide-led support groups.

Innerworld provided a sanctuary where I could connect with others who truly understand the depths of my experience. 

– Andrew

The people in this community are incredibly welcoming and supportive.

– Craigs


– Andy

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Learn Proven Tools from Decades of Research

Innerworld members learn tools that help them see and react to their world in a different, healthier, way.

We call this Cognitive Behavioral Immersion™. It's Innerworld's unique combination of of immersive technology and methods from CBT.

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