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As an Innerworld member, you have unlimited access to hundreds of events. Some of them teach specific mental health tools, like for anxiety or depression. Some are on topics like meditation or mindfulness. And some are just for fun, like game nights. 

A few recent groups:

Meet A Welcoming Community

Every one of our users is on a journey to improve their own inner world. That's what we're built for! Many of our members say that our community is the most welcoming they've found in the metaverse. 

And because we value your journey, we're extremely careful about curating your community experience. So... no trolls allowed! :)

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  • Guided Meditations
  • Agoraphobia and How to Cope
  • Pictionary
  • Fostering Healthy Relationships
  • Navigating Through Negative Automatic Thoughts
  • Healing From Abuse
  • Coping With Depression
  • Game Hour
  • Lion's Breath Class
  • Grief Support Group
  • Using the Wise Mind Tool

You shouldn't have to navigate your journey to mental health alone. That's why each event is led by a trained Guide, who delivers personalized instruction in a group setting. 

Guides are experts at using and teaching tools that help you think differently about whatever life is throwing at you.

Personalized Help

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The Minds Behind Innerworld

Noah Robinson
Founder & CEO

MSc in clinical psychology at Vanderbilt University; translating his doctoral research in clinical psychology into the clinical foundation of Innerworld.


As a Co-founder, Grammy Award-nominated artist Jewel is helping launch Innerworld's life-changing mental health platform to millions across the world. 

Tanner Netterville
Co-Founder & CPO

Callum Golds
Co-Founder & CTO

Shawn Glinter
Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

“Despite my social anxiety in real life, in Innerworld, I've been able to overcome such anxiety by facing my fears.”

“I don't know where I would be without it.”

“By far my favorite space in the metaverse!! Innerworld has an absolutely beautiful community & is full of tools and resources to help better your mental health."

“Never in a million years did I think I would be doing an AA meeting in virtual reality..."

“The best community I have ever seen on any online platform.”

“I have been in counseling for 3 years , once a week , every week. Within 4 months in Innerworld, I have been going out, socializing more and I have a much better relationship with those in my life."

Finally, you can be your inner me. 
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NOTE: Though we teach and use the principles of CBT, Innerworld is not a form of therapy. Our guides are certified and vetted through our training program, but they are not licensed therapists or psychiatrists. Our goal is to offer help and guidance for mental health challenges through a virtual, supportive community.

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